In developing a logo, AccessHealth wanted a design that captured the heart and soul of the Lowcountry.  The AdFish Group, a local advertising and design agency, was able to provide exactly what was wanted.  Not another moon and palmetto but Spanish moss and a heart.  And, not just any moss, but moss draped on a Live Oak that holds a special meaning for many in the area.


There is a Live Oak on the front lawn of St,. Helena Island Elementary School and in the early morning, when the sun rises and shines through its branches, a small heart-shaped opening can be seen.  Captured on a cell phone, this image was sent to the AdFish Group where it was transformed into the image you see upon accessing the website.  While unveiling the logo to the AccessHealth Lowcountry Advisory Council, the source of its inspiration was explained.

The St. Helena Emancipation Tree

On hearing this, Roland Gardner, CEO of Beaufort Jasper Hampton Comprehensive Health Services related that this particular Live Oak is known as the St. Helena Emancipation Tree and it had been saved from destruction during a road construction project by an outpouring of community support.  So, AccessHealth Lowcountry got exactly what it had hoped for - an image that truly captures the heart, the soul, and the history of this very special place in the South Carolina Lowcountry.


We hope, that through our commitment to providing you quality, affordable, and timely service, we can also capture your (healthy) heart and soul.

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A Together for Beaufort County initiative.  Located at Beaufort Memorial Hospital.  Funded by the Duke Endowment through AccessHealth South Carolina.

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