AccessHealth: FAQ's

Is AccessHealth Lowcountry Health Insurance?

AccessHealth Lowcountry is not a health insurance company. It is a program to help you find a medical home and primary care provider where you can get free or reduced cost care.  We also have trained staff to help you manage your health, give you advice on staying healthy, and help you make and keep your medical appointments.

How Do I Apply?

Please call 843-522-5750 to schedule an appointment at one of our enrollment sites.  You will be given a list of items that you need to bring with you to your appointment to see if you qualify.

What Services Can I Get?

AccessHealth will assist you in choosing a medical home and primary care provider.  You will be able to get your health care for a reduced fee or, in some instances, free.  We will also help you apply for free or reduced cost prescription drugs.  Our nurse Case Manager can help you manage your illness and give you suggestions on healthy living.  Our social worker will see what other services you might be eligible for.

How Much Does It Cost?

AccessHealth Lowcountry services are free.  You may pay a small fee, based upon your income and family size, to the primary care provider you choose.

Contact Us

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- by phone: (843) 522-5750

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A Together for Beaufort County initiative.  Located at Beaufort Memorial Hospital.  Funded by the Duke Endowment through AccessHealth South Carolina.

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